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Snapshots of Australia

International students in Christine Rhodes' English class in Australia share their impressions of places they have visited in Australia.

Siggi Siebold

Canberra, the Nicest City in Australia

Siggi Siebold from Germany

I went for a short holiday to Canberra because my son lives there. Canberra is a city in NSW Australia. It is the nicest city in Australia, a little bit similar to Cairns.

Roundabout Canberra there are lots of big rivers and trees. Canberra has lots of cultural activities such as theatre, and art galleries.

Mount Isa
Photo: Chris Rhodes
Mont Isa is a small city, which has a population of 21,000.

The Small City of Mount Isa

Indra Ekanayake

I came to Mount Isa six months ago. It's a long way from Brisbane— about 2,000 km. It is a small city, which has a population of 21,000, but it has all the basic facilities such as a base hospital, six schools, super markets, many government offices, and a city council.

This is a mining city. There is a big mine in the heart of the city which mines zinc, copper, and lead.

Here the weather is hot and humid and gets very little rain. There are two big lakes to keep the rain water for drinking for the city. There is not much vegetation and the environment looks dry.

There are few small towns surrounding Mount Isa— Cloncurry ,Boulia and Duchess. Mount Isa is not like other big cities in Australia. It is quiet and calm. There are about fifty nations living here. Many of these people come here to work and earn lots of money.

Mt. Isa
Photo: Chris Rhodes
People go fishing here. Sometimes they catch a crocodile.

Lake Moondara and a Mine

Ida Robb from Indonesia

In Mount Isa, there is a dam called Lake Moondarra. On the weekend you can go to Lake Moondarra with your friends, and it is beautiful. On the lake, there is water skiing. Also, people go fishing there, and they catch barramundi fish. Sometimes they catch a crocodile.

In Mount Isa there is a big mine. Lots of people come to Mount Isa to work in the mines and earn a lot of money. This work is very hot and dangerous, and sometimes there are accidents. Mt. Isa is not a beautiful green place, but many people come to love it.

Mt. Isa

Photo: Chris Rhodes
I spent all of my 2-week holiday in Mt Isa. I enjoyed it so much that I'm really sure that I will go back again.

My Holiday in Mount Isa

Ahkim from Malaysia

I came from Malaysia and spent my holiday in Mount Isa, Australia, with my friend. He told me that Mt. Isa is nice, multicultural place to live.

I was interested in his stories and decided to visit his town. I read a lot of information about the town and then made my own travel plans.

My friend met me at the airport in Cairns. We took the taxi from the airport and went to the bus terminal. Greyhound Pioneer and McCafferty's are the major operators of the bus companies with services to most Australian cities.

We traveled on Greyhound Pioneer from Cairns via Townsville to Mount Isa. The bus services continue on to the Northern Territory from Mount Isa.

Mount Isa is the mining, industrial and commercial capital of North Western Queensland and is a visitor's paradise. It is the LARGEST town in the world and is located 1829 km North West of Brisbane and 883 km West of Townsville. It is 356 m above sea level.

It also has a great climate. There are two distinct seasons. It is the wet season from November to March and the dry season centered on June, July and August. The summer months are so hot that almost all houses and business are air-conditioned.

Mt. Isa

Photo: Chris Rhodes
Mount Isa is the mining, industrial and commercial capital of North Western Queensland and is a visitor's paradise.

Mount Isa has many attractions and interesting places for visitors within the city as well as outside. Places of interest include the fossil area, the beautiful Lawn Hill George, barramundi fishing, the Riversleigh Fossil and Interpretive Centre, the John Midlin Mining Display Centre and the Frank Aston Rotary Museum.

The museum features early homestead equipment, mining displays and a simulated Aboriginal encampment depicting tribal customs of the district.

The Kalkadoon Tribal Centre is the centre for preservation of the culture and heritage of the Kalkadoon people. It is a display centre and a keeping place for Aboriginal artifacts.

From City Lookout, located almost in the centre of the business centre, a panoramic view of the city can be seen. It is one of the places of interest for tourist and towns people alike.

One of the largest attractions is the RIVERSLEIGH FOSSIL CENTRE. It is a unique centre as it interprets the World-Heritage listed fossil sites at Riversleigh and unlocks the secrets these deposits have recorded over 30 million years. Don't miss it if you come here!

In the west of Mt Isa is located Lake Moondarra which was built by the Mt Isa Mines as a water supply for Mount Isa residents and businesses. Lake Moondarra is a very relaxing area and is great for family BBQs. In the dam, recreational sports like water skiing, canoeing, swimming and fishing are available

It is not difficult to find accommodation for tourists in Mt Isa. Around the city there are many motels, caravan parks, hotels and backpacker hostels at reasonable price. I spent all of my 2-week holiday in Mt Isa. I enjoyed it so much that I'm really sure that I will go back again. I like Mount Isa.

Account of a Trip to Darwin

Mangeldee Steinbach

We went to Darwin on the 10th of September. Before we went there, we stopped in Tennant Creek. The next day, early in the morning, we went to Katherine and stayed a couple of days in Shady Lane Park. There we went for a nice walk in Nitmluk National Park and saw Edith Falls Plunge pool. It was beautiful, and luckily the weather was good.

After that, we went to Jabiru in Kakadu National Park. We stayed a couple of days there. We went for a walk to Nourlangie Rock and saw Ubirr Aboriginal rock art. The rock art is very old and is preserved on the rocks. It is a sacred place for the Aborigines who use these places for their sacred ceremonies. People cannot touch the rock as it is breaking and one day will disappear.

Then we went to Darwin. I was very, very happy to see Darwin. We stayed a couple of days in a hotel there. There we looked at the fish feeding. We fed the fish by hand. We also saw the Botanical Garden, and the Aircraft Museum. Finally, we went shopping and relaxed.

After we left Darwin, we drove back. Then we stayed a couple of days in Mataranka National Park. Lots of people come there. While we were there, we went to the Thermal Pools for a swim and had a nice walk in the park. We walked 8 kilometres. The water is warm and lovely to lie in. It comes from a spring under the ground. I saw lots of birds, but I was happy not to see any crocodiles and snakes.

My Impressionof Sydney

Namfon Pitaxsin from Thailand

The first time I came to Australia, I was happy. I traveled to Sydney. Four million people live there, and many are Asians. I saw the harbour and Sydney Harbour Bridge. I saw the Opera House and I went to see the koalas and kangaroos in Taronga Park Zoo. There were many kinds of animals in the zoo.

After that I went to eat. I went to the Thai restaurants because I like Thai food very much. I saw many people eating Thai food. I think they like Thai food too. There are many restaurants in Sydney. One is a revolving restaurant, so you can eat and see the city.

The next day, I went shopping. Many people were shopping, and they very happy. After shopping I went to the I went to the big skyscrapers. There are very beautiful.

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