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New York City at Christmas Time

Chen Chih Lin from Taiwa

A huge Christmas tree in NYC
Photo: Chen Chih Lin
A huge Christmas tree with lights all over

Christmas tree at the ice skating rink
Photo: Chen Chih Lin
The statue and and ice skating rink

New York City skylinePhoto: Chen Chih Lin
The city skyline

The Statue of Liberty
Photo: Fernando Yeo
Statue of Liberty


Recently I visited New York City for the first time, so before I went there, I studied a travel guide for a long time. My cousin told me New York City is a beautiful city, especially during the Christmas season.

She said I would see Christmas decorations everywhere. Therefore, I said to myself that I had to visit the city during the Christmas season.

My cousin lives in Long Island City, so when I left from there to go to downtown Manhattan, I took an MIA bus and then transferred to the subway. It took me almost two hours, but I'll never forget the moment when I first stepped up from the subway into Manhattan.

I enjoyed my first time window shopping at Fifth Avenue because it was Christmas. I saw a huge Christmas tree with lights all over it.

It is very cold in New York in December, but when I saw the Christmas tree with lights all around it, it made me feel warmer. If you want, you can ride a horse and buggy; it will take you all around New York City.

This is a really beautiful city tour, especially at night. I will never forget it. In front of the Christmas tree, there was an enormous statue and an ice skating rink.

Everyone was enjoying themselves while they were ice skating, and no one said they were feeling cold right then; I thought they looked gleeful. I think everybody was excited about waiting for Christmas.

My cousin and I waited for a day when the weather was getting warmer, and then we took a boat to go and visit the Statue of Liberty. We were very excited even though the weather was still cold.

We couldn't wait to see the Statue of Liberty. When we saw it, we stood under the blue sky, looking up at the kind face of the Statue and enjoying our visit.

When we went to the top of the Statue...Wow! It was beautiful. We saw the buildings of downtown Manhattan and a dreamy view. It made me feel, free, happy, and gleeful. From the top of the Statue of Liberty, the other people below were just like ants; they were so small I felt like a giant.

New York City is one of my favorite places. I was dreaming while I walked around the streets of downtown Manhattan.

When I got tired, I would walk into a coffee shop to watch the people who walked very fast past my eyes. My visit is a wonderful memory now. I will never forget my visit.   

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