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London, England, A City Full of History

London, England
Photo: Victoria Philippova
I always dreamed of seeing the famous Big-Ben clock.


Victoria Philippova from Russia

My first visit to London was one and a half years ago. It was a wonderful trip. I stayed in the city for three weeks, and I had many impressions. I visited all the famous places.

I'd like to tell you about some of the places I visited in this beautiful city.

When I dreamed of seeing London in the past, I always wanted to see the Tower Bridge and the famous Big Ben clock. I visited these places, and I went on a tourist boat on the River Thames and saw two coasts.

First, I went to the Tower of London, and I want to say that it is a very interesting historical place. I found out that a long time ago, it was a prison.
Later it became a castle for the royal family. Or maybe it is the reverse; I'm not sure, but later they left this place and lived in Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace.


London Bridge
Photo: Photo: Victoria Philippova
The Tower of London is a very interesting historical place. A long time ago, it was a prison.

I also enjoyed visiting the House of Parliament and Westminister Abbey, two very popular places for tourists. They are very old and beautiful. The Abbey is built in a kind of Gothic style; it is fantastic.

In London, you can also enjoy nature. There are many parks such as Regent's Park, Hyde Park, Green Park, St. James Park, and Holland Park.

These parks are wonderful green, quiet places where you can relax and escape the noise of the city.

Elegant buildings in London
Photo: Victoria Philippova
London has elegant buildings


Trafalgar Square is a popular place for students andother young people. You will find lots of pigeons there. If you have time, you can feed them and they will be very happy. You can buy special food for them, but be careful! Tons of birds are going to surround you if you feed them.

Another very special place in London that I like is St. Paul's Cathedral which was designed by Sir Christopher Wren.

I also was impressed with the museums in London. They're very popular. I found them interesting because you can learn about the history of England.

I had a wonderful time in London. I really liked it because it is a city that is rich in history. 

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