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Collaborative Projects Integrating Technology

Each of these projects was the result of a great deal of collaboration and creative project work by motivated teachers and students in intensive English, community college, elementary school ESL, or EFL contexts. Each one was designed to be published on the web and integrated language learning and technology learning.

Thinking about globalization

Globalization Influences Ukrainian Culture

Yuliya Melnyk and her students in Ukraine used the Internet to learn about globalization. In a class project, they wrote papers about its impact on their own culture and illustrated their writing with photos.

Rating local restaurants

Rating and Reviewing Local Restaurants

In another CALL project, Christine Bauer Ramazani's ESL students took a survey to identify students' favorite restaurants on or near their college campus. They visited the restaurants and created a web page to introduce the restaurnts.


						in the computer lab

Mixed Level Community College Classes

Sarah Sarkissian and Greg Conner in California had their students use computer technology and e-mail to examine an issue important to community college students: different proficiency levels in classes.

Telling toy stories

Our Toy Stories!

Anne Davis
and Dana Peters used computers, e-mail, and digital cameras to involve second grade ESL elementary school children in writing and illustrating a collection of favorite toy stories.

Considering the best places to shop

Where to Shop for Necessities

In a CALL project, Christine Bauer-Ramazani's ESL students conducted a study to find the best places for international students to shop for necessities. They then created their own web site to post their findings.

Tasting international foods

Try Our Recipes!

Christine Rhodes and her international students learned to use computers, e-mail, and digital camera technology to create an online writing project describing traditional foods in their countries.

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