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Traditional Saudi
Thomas Peters

Child and a world globe
Sandy Peters

Hands painted with henna
Yook Sook

Flamenco dancers
Stev. Wood

It's International

A World of Food
International foods, markets, outdoor cafes, restaurants...

Dance from around the World
Traditional dances from Japan, China, Spain, and Korea

Children's Games from Around the World
Jump rope, hopscotch, tag, and more games

Holidays, Festivals, Celebrations
Descriptions of special days by international students

Cultural Glimpses
Behavior in different countries, changes in customs

International Customs, Traditions, and Crafts
Venezuelan masks, Korean dolls, Japanese cherry blossoms

Traditional Clothing
Traditional dress from Saudi Arabia and from Korea

Wedding Customs and Traditions
Traditional Wedding ceremonies and customs

International Names: What's in a Name?
How we got our names and what our names mean

Superstitions from Around the World
Beliefs from long ago live on as superstitions.

International Proverbs: Simple Truths
International students share the meanings of proverbs

Students in Uzbekistan Explain Proverbs
Students from Uzbekistan, Russia, Tatar, and Korea

Folktales from Around the World
Traditional, well-known stories from many countries

Children's Toys, Then and Now
Pinnochio, dolls, shuttlecocks, teddy bears, and more

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