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Sharing Our Experiences Learning English
Learning a language involves new adventures, a willingness to take risks, and fun.

Learning in the classroom
Classroom Experiences
Students describe classroom experiences learning English. Read stories by Diana from Colombia and other students.

"I wanted to make a great presentation, so I made a model of a to show the class." - Diana Travecedo from Colombia

Being a Foreign Exchange Student
Foreign Exchange Students
Eugenio from Mexico and students from Germany and Japan share their experience of being foreign exchange students.

"If you want to improve your English, you need to get rid of the fear and try your best." - Eugenio Garcia from Mexico

Learning English in the new country
Our Thoughts on Learning English
English language learners, like Ryszard from Poland, share thoughts on the best way to learn English.

"I bought a few books and I began my education, learning by heart chapter after chapter." - Ryszard Krasowski from Poland

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