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Our Views on Superstitions, Love, and Gambling

For a writing project in Kathy Gardner's adult education ESL class in Los Angeles, ESL students chose three topics of interest to them: superstitions from their countries, love across cultures, and gambling.

water faucet
In Armenia, if you have a bad dream, you need to tell the dream to the running water from the faucet in your sink. The water going down the drain will take your bad dream away.
- Anaida Saryan

In all cultures, love is important, but the expression of this love may vary from one culture to another.

Playing the slot machine
In the casinos you can find a lot of attractions, like slot machines...You can win money or lose it.
- Anselmo D'Jesus Mejia


Superstitions from our Countries

Superstitions from Armenia
Anaida Saryan from Armenia

Superstitions from Nepal
Sumitra from Nepal

Superstitions from Peru
Victor M. Del Carpio from Peru

Superstitions from Italy
Giuseppe Nole from Italy

Love Across Cultures

Love in Armenia
Marina Sahakyan from Armenia

Love in Mexico
Erika Viramontes from Mexico

Love in Mexico
Rosa Landin from Mexico

Love in Honduras
Jacqueline Ortez from Honduras


Coming Here Was a Good Gamble
Marco Ibanez from Guatemala

I Think I am a Lucky Person
Anselmo D'Jesus Mejia from El Salvador

Gambling in Moderation is Fun
Claudia Orozco from Mexico

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