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Boy being bullied

School Bullying is a Problem

Students write about the problem of school bullying: bullying incidents, cyberbullying, ways students try to stop bullying, and ways schools combat bullying.

Bullying is Complicated
Mi Hye and Eun Ju from Korea

Bullying is a Criminal Problem
Mi Hye from Korea

Cyberbullying is a Growing Problem
Inji and SuJeong from Korea

Bullying Online Hurts
Yan from China

Bullying Victims Commit Suicide
Sung Hwi and Yong Jin from Korea

We Witnessed Bullying
Students from Korea

Bullying is a Social Problem
Yong Jin from Korea

Both Victims and Bullies Suffer
Yong Jin from Korea

Students' Anti-Bullying Ideas
Demba from Senegal

Schools Combat Bullying
Yan from China

How to Protect Your Children
Eun Jun from Korea

How to Stop a Bully
Akira from Japan

Thinking about Bullying
Yong Jin from Korea

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