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Students Write Stories in Academic Literacy Class

Students in a Foundations of Academic Literacy (FAL) course taught by Tim Mossman at Simon Fraser University (Vancouver, Canada) wrote these stories.

Photos from Tim Mossman

Childhood Memories

Big Kids
Russ Murdoch

Toboggan Rush
Melissa Tran

My Spot
Justin Hasselbach

The Good Ol' Days
Jessica Nelson

Racing the Cars
Rahul Oad

The Dog I Teased
Hjung Eun Ahn (Rachel)

The Last Day for My Grandpa
Nancy Park

First Time Being a Big Sister
Clara Lam

Bike Riding
Sandy Lou

Snow Trek
Gary Yau

Stiches on My Eyelid
Woo Young (Eric) Im

Uncomfortable Moments

Santa, Where's My Mommy?
Christine Wu

My Drowning Experience
Amy Cho

Little Green Alien
Simon Suh

My First Kiss
Elmira Bahmani-Mozafar

First Kiss
Vivian Lee

Thoughts on Music

Tom Clark

Teacher's Page

Writing Project Overview
Tim Mossman

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