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Our Bargaining Experiences

Eight students from Korea and one from Senegal discuss their attitudes about bargaining and describe specific incidents when they bargained for goods in market places.

Photo by Drift World
Flickr Creative Commons

Photo by Marsha Marshmello
Flickr Creative Commons

A Good Time to Bargain
Mi Hye Ahn from Korea

A Present from Her Son
Demba from Senegal

Experience Makes It Easier
Eun Hyun Lee from Korea

Bargaining is a Game
Su Jeong Hong from Korea

My Discount, His Customers
EunJin Kim from Korea

At First It Was Fun
InJi Seo from Korea

Hard Bargaining For Nothing
Ju Hee Lim from Korea

I Like Bargaining for Goods
Yong Jin Lee from Korea

Bargaining is Not for Me
Sun Ah Lim from Korea

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